911 Memorial

Because our company is focused on the building and construction industry in
the US, we are always looking for new buildings that have either embraced an
innovative construction technique or perhaps a new energy saving
technology. As we approach the tenth anniversary of 9/11 I have anticipated
over the years what might be built in place of the twin towers. I have
often wondered what structure could we possibly put in a place where so much
devastation happened and so many lives were lost. How would we as a nation
ever agree on what that structure would look like? Michael Arad, a partner
at Handel Architects won the competition to design the Memorial.

In my opinion, the winning design was the perfect answer to so many
challenges. What could possibly fill the shoes of the former World Trade
Center? Nothing. The void that was left, the void of the lives that were
lost, in a sense will fill the space so beautifully. Arad's design features
two large waterfalls and a reflecting pool which fill the exact footprint of
the twin towers. More than 400 trees are planned for the plaza to surround
the Memorial - signifying hope and renewal.

During our travels, I hope we all have an opportunity to visit this sacred
spot to reflect on our own lives, lives lost and the beauty of the future.


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