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The other day the Function: PR team was sitting around brainstorming ideas for a new client. This client has retained Function: to help with social media efforts and we were trying to think of all the different social media outlets that would make the most sense for this client, their messages and the audience they want to reach. Now, I like to think of myself as a fairly savvy person when it comes to technology and social media. I mean, my iPhone has become another appendage and I can certainly Tweet with the best of em. But during this particular discussion two of my younger counterparts were literally schooling me on various tools, applications and so on.

Not to age myself, but I remember a life before the Internet, Google, Facebook, Twitter and even email. I remember using AOL Instant Messenger (dial-up of course) and thinking it was amazing that I could have conversations with friends without picking up the phone. Shoot, I even had a beeper.

The launch of Google+ has made me think about the numerous social media outlets that are currently popular, were once popular (MySpace anybody?) and continue to break into the market. I know what I like to use and want to test out for personal reasons, but it is always interesting to see how these tools can be used to help enhance a client's business, secure more brand awareness and reach more customers. Not every outlet is right for everybody and at the end of the day a successful social media strategy comes from knowing your audience and how to reach them, and above all, making sure that the information you are sharing is useful.

What is your social media strategy? Do you use it for business purposes or personal reasons? Or both?

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