Checking the list

Well readers, we've come to the end of another year. Like most people, I'm wondering where exactly this one went. As a kid I remember time seemed to pass by so00000 slowly. One month felt like three, three months like six and whole year seemed to stretch into an eternity. Now time is flying by with such speed I have to look back at my planner (yes, I still use a paper planner) to remember what I was doing two months ago only to realize that what felt like two months was actually six.

For me time goes by quickly when I am busy, and this year has definitely kept me on my feet. Even with challenges in the market, we at Function: haven't just been sitting around playing solitaire. We have worked on getting new business, on bettering our own and of course, on making sure that our clients are achieving the best results possible. We've been exploring new tools and technologies, and how to use those to further our reach. I have to admit, much to my husband's chagrin, I have become quite proficient in Twitter. And after a day of work, I go home to chase a very active toddler around my house. It's exhausting I tell ya!

Now readers, I don't know about you, but I am not one for resolutions. Well, let me rephrase that - I make a list of both personal and professional objectives (in my sweet planner) for the coming year, which are more like action items than resolutions.
It's like my own 2011 strategy. I figure I make 2011 plans for my clients, why not myself, right? I even draw little check boxes next to each item (this is my method for my daily to-do lists as well. Check boxes make my world go round). And, checking those boxes once a task is completed feels so good.

So, as we quickly head into a new decade (I am in shock that I have been around for so many decades at this point), think about what some of your 2011 objectives are. What's your personal and professional strategy? How will you best achieve your goals? What are the outcomes that you are hoping for?

I know that Function: (and my rapidly growing toddler) will continue to keep me moving in 2011. I can't make a check box to slow time down, but I can make the most of each moment.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Catch you on the flip side.

Design, cocktails and X-ACTOs, oh my!

Long time, no post.

I just don't know where fall has gone.. The Function: elves have been busy: ads, brochures, product launch campaigns, websites, brand strategy and pr. We've even done some consulting.

But yesterday, we let loose. Holiday lunch, complete with Secret Santa gifts. Then cocktails and card-making.

That's right! All you lucky clients, vendors and prospects out there will be receiving a bundle of fun in a few days, mostly-handmade by all of us. I won't give any of the surprise away, but they're intricate and cool, which equals labor-intensive. So a rally was in order. They're beautifully designed, thanks to Reyes, and we can't wait to share them!

Some much needed fun, for me at least. It was great to slow down and hang out, share a few drinks and a deep passion of mine – making.

The best thing about making, particularly making by hand, is that it's personal. You really have an opportunity to communicate something through your efforts.

To me, our cards this season reflect our unwavering dedication to design and design thinking, to our clients, and to the target of our work. Making those cards, together with my coworkers and friends, was a lovely reminder of my own passion for my profession and craft.

An apt quote on a sticky note at my desk:

"Design is in everything we make, but it's also between those things. It's a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda and philosophy."
– Erik Adigard

May you all greet this holiday season, and the new year ahead, with renewed zeal for all that is of importance in your lives. Happy holidays, everyone!

angela mitchell
art director
FUNCTION:we’re into building things through marketing, design and public relations

Your Building Is Alive and Well

Researchers in the UK are attempting to create something radical for the building industry: a living building skin. Like coral, this carbon negative compound is made from simple cells that can grow and multiply, which would not only combat climate change in a continually evolving way, but also protect the building that it houses like armor.

It seems almost like the plot to a classic horror movie--building comes alive! But unlike traditional ivy skin or plant facade, layers of this skin would eventually harden and become a part of the building itself.

The technology is years away from real application, but it does make you think about the future of architecture. How would this affect the way buildings are designed? Would it change the way people thought about taking care of their spaces, or how to use them? Is this the next way to engage with the natural world--by harnessing some of its power for constructive technology?

jessi probus
public relations specialist
FUNCTION:we’re into building things
through marketing, design and public relations