Planning For 2011

Every year about this time I work with our clients in their 2011 marketing budget planning.    I am a strong believer in trying to make sure every dollar is somehow contributing to product sales and specification.  I know that is not always possible but keeping that goal at the forefront of the planning process usually makes for a more effective and less wasteful marketing spend.  Marketing in this economy is not about how many print ads one can afford or Google ad words you can buy.   It is about getting the facts before you allocate your marketing budget.

Here at Function: over the last several weeks we have worked in conjunction with IsqFt, the nation’s largest internet plan room, reaching out to the builder/contractor market and asking important questions relative to product selection and purchase habits.  Due to the constant changes with this audience these habits and thought processes have evolved over the past few years.  After receiving direct feedback from this audience segment, we then have the facts do better planning for our clients.  To see the results of this research, please contact

We constantly get asked by building product manufacturers "what are other companies in the industry doing with their budgets or their staffing issues, etc." So we are currently in the middle of a study with the BPM’s to take a top level look at the industry as a whole to determine best marketing practices.  These results will be shared back to the industry and will be valuable information in future planning.

These are just a few ways that Function: does its homework before crunching the budget numbers.

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