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I have a post it on my computer that I live by – “Create impact through design”. Each word in that statement is powerful to me. In the past, I would have focused on the word “design”, as design was a vital part of the sales tools we created. They were tactile, beautiful (there were some great ones I must say!) powerful in messaging, yet, solely dependant upon the sales force that used them. That being said, how could we evaluate the “impact” these pieces had on our audiences?

I can’t count the amount of times a client has said that they struggle with the sales force. Are they communicating correctly to the audience, do they know the products, are they using the tools, how do we track results? As much as those brochures or kits had all the bells and whistles to speak for themselves, often they remained in trunks or briefcases. At the same time, many of them made them into the right hands and did their job wonderfully. But that percentage that didn’t….how could we close that? How could we reach more of our audience effectively? Previously, that was a tough one.

Today, we have the opportunity to really extend the reach of our messaging and campaigns through integrated marketing and PR. To really create an impact. One that we can control. We can take that campaign, and broaden it by PR initiatives, as well as social PR. I never thought I’d get used to the idea of social PR – previously so different from the idea of design - but it has the ability to take all that we’ve created, and blast it into different mediums (we designers love recognition anywhere we can get it). Talk about reach. And, we can track it (because we all need validation that it’s a brilliant campaign).

We used to launch a product with a brochure and ad. Again, very reliant on the sales force, and in regards to the ad, where did it lead them? Now, we create an ad, that drives the audience to a microsite, which in turn provides a platform for an incredible amount of information. At the same time, increases database information. If the ad didn’t get them there, how about tweeting about the campaign? Or maybe speaking up on LinkedIn? Or a bylined article? So if the brochure is in the trunk….so be it. We’ll find another way. This is the advantage of integrated marketing and PR….where the sales force falls short of reach, PR and social PR can pick up the slack and carry the message. The more integrated, the more angles of attack.

Create impact through design. Design is an incredible tool, but even better when it generates a lot of impact.

michele emmons dehaven
principal + creative director
FUNCTION:we’re into building things through marketing, design and public relations

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