Launching a Product in the Building and Construction Industry

It’s important to tailor any marketing approach to the specific product and company, but with over twelve years of experience in this market, we at Function: have found that there are certain things to consider when launching a product in the building and construction industry that apply to any concept.

1. Look at all your audiences. Each one (including media) requires a different and relevant message. An architect’s thought process is different from a contractor’s, which is different from a trade publication editor, etc.

2. Rank your target audiences. Categories will depend on your need, whether you rank them by power to specify or influence or size. If you have a limited budget, for instance, and your product category lends itself to being specified- the message should be focused on the specifier or architect.

3. Chart out your message channels. From PR to advertising to social media, keep messages consistent in all channels—say it once, say it twice, say it again!

4. Create conversations around your new product. Go to your sales channel, go to your specifiers and your installers and collect relevant information about product usage. Then you can encourage viral conversations about it. Remember that conversations are always two-way—create the community and contribute effectively.

5. Know how your product is positioned in the market place. When you are familiar with your product’s place and reputation you can find the opportunities to create buzz where you can build awareness the quickest. Meet the market at the need.

dana castle
principal + director of strategy
FUNCTION:we’re into building things through marketing, design and public relations

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