What inspires you? Personally and professionally.

Think about it.

I find inspiration in many places; in every move my son makes as he takes on new challenges and (literally) dives headfirst into learning new things. I find inspiration in my family for the lives that they have chosen to lead and their many accomplishments. I find inspiration in art, music, literature, movies and architecture.

I try and look at things with open, accepting eyes so that I can be inspired by everything I see. Sometimes that's hard. There are days where we all feel a little less than inspired or enthusiastic. There are days where you look at your work and think, "how can I make this different? Or better?"

I have these days. You know you have had them too...

But that's one thing that I love about Function:. Inspiration is everywhere. Each person at Function: is an individual. They each have their own knowledge and expertise. Every person here is unique and creative and watching them as they develop an ad for a client, identify unique, new business opportunities, create a blog about their upcoming wedding or design their child's birthday invitations, inspires me to look at what I do (personally and professionally) and ask myself if there is a new way I can do something - a different direction I can take or something that will make what I am working on different and better.

As marketers our job is to motivate audiences and instigate new ways of thinking. The manufacturers we work with work to encourage new design through their products. The architects they target work to stir emotion and arouse interest through the buildings they create.

We all want to inspire and we all need to be inspired. So, I ask again, what is it that inspires you?

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