Releasing fear, embracing creativity.

As a design geek, I read a lot of design blogs. One of which I follow religiously is Seth Godin's blog. Frankly, I think he's brilliant.

Several months ago, I was struck by his post on the lizard brain. This is an actual part of the brain, and has been with humankind for millennia. It's the amygdala, near the brain stem, and is responsible for the formation and storage of memories associated with emotional events. If you've experienced an event that left you afraid of heights, for example, your lizard brain tells you to slowly back away from the ledge, to be careful.

Unfortunately, it also tells you to play it safe, to stay within that comfortable bubble you've built for yourself. This is particularly bad in business.

Every designer has had those clients who are terrified of breaking out of that bubble. You start off with a presentation of inspired, thought-provoking design work, but are forced to go through round after round of dilution only to end up with the same old tired line.

Pushing past that pattern is difficult. We at Function: are lucky to have trusting and truly brave clients. And while we worked for years to get here, we're constantly working to make our expertise ever more solid. We push ourselves every day to find innovative and exciting methods of promoting our clients and their initiatives. We do this through super smart strategy and, of course, slammin' design.

Case in point, the recently-launched integrated campaign announcing Kawneer's partnership with Forster. It's a spectacular leap forward for Kawneer, adding steel to their already all-encompassing array of aluminum products. Thanks to this partnership, Kawneer leverages themselves as the only supplier in North America to offer a complete range of aluminum and steel glazing solutions.

To fully express the bigness of the partnership, we went big with the design.. and the message. And Kawneer fell hard for the concept. We can't say we blame them.

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