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See and Be Seen: Designing a Transparent Media Facade

Situation: One of GKD’s 2010 objectives was to increase awareness of its transparent media facade products, Mediamesh® and Illumesh®. Because the products had been on the market for a while, Function: suggested GKD re-introduce them to its audience of architects and contractors by focusing on product capabilities. Function: also recommended educating GKD’s audience through a new approach rather than the traditional product press release.

To educate the market, Function: worked with GKD to develop messages and content that emphasized the unique features, as well as the aesthetic, environmental and financial benefits of transparent media facades. Function: developed an internal calendar of bylined articles the company could develop and pitch, as well as various case studies, a comprehensive webinar and more. The key was promoting an integrated message that consistently educated architects on the benefits of transparent media facades. Consideration of the vertical markets played a large part in message and byline development. Because education was a critical factor throughout the re-introduction campaign, segmenting the audience into vertical markets was essential.

To reach the audience, Function: targeted specific industry publications across the vertical segments, as well as architectural and environmental building and design magazines. All case studies and webinar information was distributed to the targeted media list. In addition, bylined articles have been developed and tweaked with the specific publication’s audience in mind.

Results: The re-introduction of GKD’s transparent media façades is an ongoing campaign and has been very successful thus far. GKD hosted its webinar, “See and Be Seen: Understanding Transparent Media Facades” and drew more than 125 registered attendees, which included architects and media. Function: produced this webinar and developed all promotional content including press announcements and eblasts. Function: and GKD continue to find that emphasizing the specific benefits of the products has not only made the products more memorable, but also has been an effective way to educate GKD’s audience.

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