FUNCTION: Construct Knowledge Series Webinar "Design with a Conscience: Humanitarianism in Architecture"

Function:'s latest Webinar focused on the burgeoning practice of “humanitarian design” and its effect on the industry. Below are four segments from the Webinar.

“Function: has seen design focus continue to shift from the elaborate to the purposeful. We’ve seen sustainability grow to include a responsibility not only to the environment but toward humanity as a
whole. Humanitarian design in architecture has been around for many, many years but has been overlooked or less publicized. Through this webinar we hope to continue to shed light on this important industry movement and on this advance toward social responsibility in architecture.” -
Dana Castle, Function:’s Principal and Director of Strategy.

Clip 1 - Introductions, discussion topics include:

  • How does humanitarian design differ from general community service practices?

  • Do building trends often come from a change in market demand or vice versa?

  • What do you think is the best way to raise awareness of this trend/draw others in too?

Clip 2 - Discussion topics include:
  • What is the reaction from the A&D community toward this shift to humanitarian design and architecture? 

  • How can the industry get involved – from architects to BPMs?

Clip 3 - Discussion topics include:
  • How do these projects come to fruition? 
  • What channels do architects go through to find out about these types of projects and how are specific projects selected? 
  • What makes one more appropriate than another? 

  • What are the things most important in humanitarian design that are not often encountered in traditional planning?

  • What is the product criteria for these projects? More or less strict?

Clip 4 - Discussion topics include:

  • Do architects and designers expect manufacturers to have sustainable products or is it still a commodity? 
  • If sustainability is an expectation, what kind of messages do you want to hear from them? What do you tire of hearing about?

  • From the media perspective how have you seen this design trend evolve over the last several years? 
  • Do you see this as something that is layered on top of the sustainable building practices as a new thought process?  
  • Where did this trend come from? 
  • What role do you see Humanitarian Design and Architecture having in the future?

ted hettick
business development manager
FUNCTION: we’re into building things through marketing, design and public relations

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