Four Words So Much

I’ve always been a lover of words. When I was a little girl my mom and dad spent hours and hours reading to me each week. As soon as I could read myself, my parents urged me to keep a “book list” (they paid me a dollar a book…always good to have the financial incentive!) My closet in my parents’ house is still filled with stacks of journals I kept over the years- beginning with the scrawling handwriting of a 5-year-old and eventually filled with stories and reflections in high school. I majored in English in college- and here I am today using my love of words in a public relations career. Anyway, that’s my writing background. Hopefully that gives you a little more of an idea what I mean when I say that I love words.

Function: uses words to market ourselves and our clients. Function: understands the power of words and the value of selecting the right words and placing them in an order that truly communicates a message effectively. I love how Function: constantly uses the phrase: “We’re into building things.” To me, that phrase is artistic. It obviously makes a reference to Function:’s specialty as an agency for the architecture, engineering and construction industry. But its meaning continues beyond that. Function: is into building things. Lots of things. Function: builds our clients- their reputations, their messages, their sales. Function: builds creatively. Function: builds to last. Function: builds knowledge. We study industry trends and use our knowledge to benefit our clients. We also build relationships- with our clients, with the media and with industry professionals like architects, contractors and more. Through our pro bono work, we help build positive communities.

When I really stop to think of it, so much of who we are as a company is packed into the four words “We’re into building things.”

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