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I don't agree with but can understand the cautious approach or hesitancy to undertaking a social media program.  But it pains me when I hear people say they don't see the value in it. I worry about the future of a business that clings to an old-school communications model with little or no online marketing efforts. And I'm not talking about websites, banner ads and SEO/SEM. Those come standard. And Function: can help you make those better.

While I won't argue that Social Media may not be the right fit for your exact product offering, but I will assert that the facts are out there: your audience is using Social Media in some way or another and if you're not capitalizing on it - someone else is (and it could be a competitor of yours). A recent study we conducted on our own architect database revealed that the professional networking site, LinkedIn was the most popular outlet among this segment.

A better answer for a lack of involvement with Social Media I've heard is that we don't have time for it. I get that. I don't know anyone who would object to a couple extra hours in the day to finish up your work. It can be a time and labor intensive commitment to start up your social media pages, regularly engage your followers and keep them checking back regularly for updates. Especially during a down economy, it can be difficult to find the personnel to tackle social media internally.

That's where Function: comes in. Think of us as hired muscle for your Social Media and Content needs. Social Media Mercenaries, if you will. We act as an extension of our clients' marketing teams, turning their Social Media wish list into a reality, creating content that resonates with the architects and contractors who Blog and are actively using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

There are many companies still putting their toes in the Social Media waters. Some still wading around ankle deep. I hear a lot of "Yes, we've got a Blog or a FB/Twitter page...Well, it's just a shell but we have one." Not surprisingly, this is unimpressive at best to your customers to find a placeholder with no depth of content online. For those out there still testing the Social Media waters - here's a perspective for you to consider: you can’t physically drown in social media, so why only go so deep when you can dive in? Function: will act as your life jacket, keeping you afloat.

If it is on your wish list but simply don't have the time to take the Social Media plunge, please let me know and we can build a plan structured to meet your goals and needs.

ted hettick  
business development manager  
FUNCTION: we’re into building things through marketing, design and public relations

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