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Sure Social Media is a fun way to kill time with pointless status updates, playing games, sharing pictures, reuniting with old friends and keeping tabs on “the Ex” (or future Ex), but how can Building Product Manufacturers use social media for business purposes?

• brand positioning, thought leadership and marketing communications
• engage in conversation with and provide content to: customers; potential customers; distributors; business partners and alliances; groups and associations; not to mention segments who influence your customers decisions (we will help you with strategy for this)
• complementary, interactive extension of a company website, contributing to a successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign

Think of social media as a quick way to share information without going through the hassle of a website update. At its simplest, Social Media shortens the distance between BPM and customer versus traditional communication channels. It presents the opportunity to interact with existing and potential customers, impact specification decisions, expand the reach of brand influence and increase sales.

Tactically, BPMs can use Social Media to share the latest company/product info and receive feedback that can be used to increase customer satisfaction, aid in product launches and refine brand positioning and messaging. Providing solid content is critical so make sure you’re posting info relevant to your audience. For professionals in the building and construction industry like architects, builders, contractors, and facility managers, these audiences are using social media to find information they can relate to their own work. So think about posting case studies or examples of the product in a real-life setting, photos, interviews with installers, specs, warranty information, etc.

Regardless of what type of content you make available, make sure it isn’t available elsewhere online or you may frustrate the user, who expects something different than what they can get just as easily from your website. If they wanted to download a product brochure, they’d just go to your website so don’t use Social Media as another “press room” with static press releases and product info. Using Social Media to regurgitate the same information already included on your website would not only be counterproductive but possibly irritating for users looking to find new info.

You're already reading our Blog so you have a good example here but if you're looking for more inspiration on how to use other Social Media sites, check out our pages at the links below.

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