Colorwheel at Function:!

As a business that works with the architecture and design community, Function:’s office space is definitely walking the walk. The building that was once a candle factory has been transformed into an open floor plan, urban loft-style facility that makes a fitting home for our graphic designers and marketing team. From our work and our lives, something that we all know here is that a building is never just a building. Spaces take on lives of their own and learning to act and interact within them is just a small part of what we can do here in our home community of Decatur.
So, in the evenings, when Function: isn’t conducting business and occupying the exposed brick and window-filled studio space, the building at 508 Howard Street has a second exciting life: an art gallery. Though the space has been used many times for professional and commercial shows, the favorite event by far is the Colorwheel show, happening this Thursday.
This time it’s not the space so much as the artists that make this show special—they are all children ages 5-12! For the third year in a row, Function: is hosting this local after-school art studio’s spring show, and this year the theme is Greek Mythology and Art.
A collection of paintings, sculpture, pottery, mixed-media prints and some fashion design will be on display for the community and families of the artists, complete with artist bios on the wall next to their selected work.
The gallery space here has been decked out with dozens of gorgeous pieces, and we at Function: are all so glad to be able to contribute to these young artists’ glorious moment in the spotlight.
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