And Then Came Spring

Function: is located in Decatur, Georgia (a wonderful part of town right next to Atlanta). Like most of the Southeast, we recently experienced the rainiest fall and winter most of us could remember- flooding was a common experience and sunny days became only a distant memory. Dreary, miserable, terrible (you pick the adjective)...and just when none of us thought we could handle the gray weather for much longer, suddenly spring time arrived! The rough fall and brutal (for us) winter makes me all the more grateful for such a beautiful spring. Atlanta has come alive- with festivals, outdoor concerts, open patios, and people people everywhere enjoying the sunshine and flowers. I love how each city has different traditions and unique ways of welcoming spring.

Spring makes me think of sunshine. And sunshine brings thoughts of vacations. I’m excited about the opportunity to attend the AIA 2010 National Convention on June 10-12 in Miami. Although it will be a business trip, I’m looking forward to it as I would a vacation. I’m looking forward to meeting and conversing with other industry professionals. I’m excited to learn about new products. And I’m also looking forward to the meet-up Function: is hosting for architects. The meet-up is designed to give architects an opportunity to network with peers and also to advise Building Product Manufacturers (BPMs) to help them create better products. To join us in Miami, register at

A few of us from Function: are planning on staying in Miami for a day after the conference…hopefully soaking in some of that Miami sunshine. I have to say, I’m looking forward to that too.

Happy Spring, everyone! Such a reason to celebrate!

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