Social Media Mistake #1: The Mute Button Approach

One key difference with Social Media and other communications like advertising or even websites is the fact that it is a true two-way communication channel and must be treated as such. Why do you think people like social media? Because it gives them a voice. If their voice isn’t being heard, they’re going to ignore your voice - so approach Social Media endeavors like a real, open conversation.

To be successful in Social Media, businesses must not only to push out their message but also listen. Filtering comments is one thing but to blog, post or tweet with comments disabled would be missing the point entirely, and I see so many companies going wrong with this approach. Would you use a cell phone that only had a microphone and no audio? If you can’t hear what’s being said on the other end, you’re not having a conversation - you may as well be in the corner talking to yourself. Might sound silly but so does trying to use Social Media with the mute button on.

You can’t expect users to listen to you if you’re not listening to them so keep settings open to feedback and at least acknowledge the responses you receive. Businesses trying to use social media as a one-way channel to spout their messages are only using Social Media half-way. Why not utilize the opportunities to learn from the experiences of their customers, peers and competitors? Social Media presents the chance to monitor what’s being said, plus it gives the option to immediately address issues, concerns, ideas, demands and feedback to the people who matter to your products and brands.

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