We're into building things.

It's not just our company tagline, it's our motto. Daily, we build strategies and tools that help architects and designers discover products that enable them to design and construct healthier schools. We build relationships between building product manufacturers and building owners. We ultimately build a brands awareness and sales. As exciting as that can be, one of the most rewarding things we get to build is within our own community. Each year, Function: steps back from building products for a few moments (just a "few" moments, dear clients!), and takes on pro-bono community events, such as Tour Decatur and Take Back the Night. It's a great opportunity for us to build a following and increase awareness for them.

For the past four years, we've worked with Tour Decatur, a 5k race and walk that benefits the Decatur Education Foundation. It's a great program to further eductation in our schools. And this year, I think I'll finally get to run it! The Decatur community is always supportive to hang the
posters, and I think one of the neatest things for me, is when my kids say "Look, there's your poster!" Here is yet another example of how good design can command a following...the better the race shirts, the more people we get to sign up. When they started working with Function:, their goal was to have the "coolest race shirts out there".
A new cause we have taken on this year is Take Back the Night, a 5k race to benefit the Dekalb Rape Crisis Center. It is an honor to work with them on this event, developing an iconic logo for their 20th year. Our fabulous art director Angela created an incredible mark for them that they loved immediately. Her enthusiasm for the cause truly shows. They will undoubtedly get a lot of runners this year!

So building things is pretty exciting stuff, be it building products or building community awareness. And what better way to build a following then through social media. In other words, this is also a blatant spreading of the word for two dynamic causes...sign up to run!



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