When old becomes new again

In a little less than four months I will be turning 30. I know, I know - 30 is not old. And to be honest, I am looking forward to what my thirties will bring. However, I am starting to notice that 30-year-old Joslyn is not as "put together" as 25-year-old Joslyn. Gravity is starting to take its toll, lines are forming on my face, bags under my eyes, and I am noticing a few strands of hair that are lighter (and I'm not talking blond lighter) than I would like. If my body were a building, I would say that it is time to consider some retrofitting.

Retrofitting "refers to the addition of new technology or features to older systems". It's a term that can be used for almost anything, but today we find the term is often associated with buildings or homes. As the economy declined, new commercial and residential construction declined. Rather than creating something new, building and home owners began to consider how they could make something old, new again. And in a time where sustainability is king, what could be more sustainable than rehabbing existing structures?

Many of Function:'s clients manufacture building products that can be used for retrofitting buildings. From curtain walls and insulated metal panels, to woven metal mesh fabric, each of these products can not only be applied to an older building, but can also enhance the beauty, durability and sustainability of that building. Retrofitting is something that we talk about constantly and live daily. That's right - Function: resides in a building that has been repurposed and updated. This may have been mentioned in an earlier blog posting, but our offices are located in what was once a candle factory. Rather than tearing down the old warehouse, the owner decided to retrofit the building, working with Function: to add new parts and technology so that we could use it for our purposes. And I have to admit, the space is amazing.

Creating something amazing can be done with something that is already there. To have a beautiful home or building, you don't have to start from scratch. Retrofitting is more budget friendly and environmentally friendly.

Right now, through diet, exercise and a lot of firming eye cream (my retrofit product of choice), I am working to make my personal "old", new again.

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