In the Spirit of the Holiday Season

Okay readers; talk to me. When you think of the holidays what do you think of?

Personally, I think of potato latkes, candy canes, the smell of pine, aggressive and overly hostile mall shoppers, and gingerbread houses. I don't really like the taste of gingerbread, but those little houses sure are fun to make (mainly because I am a candy addict and I love to eat the trim - the frosting is good too).

As you know (because you are loyal readers), here at Function: we like all things having to do with architecture. So, in the spirit of the holiday season, I wanted to share my favorite gingerbread house with you: Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater

With gingerbread houses everyone can be an architect. Do you have an itch to design a beautiful, edible building? Click here for a recipe and step-by-step instructions from Simply Candy addiction or not - gingerbread houses are a fun way to be creative during the holiday season.

Have you created a unique gingerbread house that you would like to share? If not in the past, maybe this will be your first year. Email me a picture ( and I will post it on the blog.

Happy holidays!

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