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Whenever I tell people I live in Atlanta, I always get the same question: Is the traffic really as bad as people say? My answer: yes, it is. (Terrible!)

And when I tell people I work at a PR and marketing agency, they often ask: Is an agency really as busy as people say? My answer: yes, it is. (Busy and exciting!)

You see, PR and marketing is one of those industries where you can always do more. You can always advertise more, email more, write more, call more, brainstorm more, come up with more more more ideas. At Function: we aim for growth in both quality and content- which makes for a busy work day! For this reason, I am very excited about the beginning of our first internship program. More people to do more things- what excellent news!

At Function: we feel strongly that an internship program should work to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the interns and the host company. Interns should gain valuable “real-world” experience, should be constantly exposed to new work, and should have the opportunity to be a functioning member of a company. And the host company should gain something too. That’s why we have taken great care in selecting highly qualified interns who exhibit a strong work ethic and are eager to contribute, who are both willing to work on the smallest tasks and can be trusted with large projects.

Our internship program includes a detailed orientation program and training period, provides a diverse range of experiences as well as relationships with a mentor, performance evaluations, and personal goal-shaping meetings. And we also provide our interns with a diverse list of guest speakers who can impart additional knowledge and experience.

You can look forward to hearing more about the internship program from the interns themselves. Stay tuned for a blog post or two from our exceptional interns in the months to come. We’re excited for you to meet them- and we’re pretty sure you’ll be as impressed with them as we are!

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