What Media Wants: The Eternal Question

For some people the eternal question is "what is the meaning of life?" For PR professionals, the eternal question is "what do media want?"

Let's face it. The relationship between media professionals and PR professionals is often rocky. We (PR) need media to be interested in what our clients have to say and to write about it. And while media needs information, they also need PR reps to give it to them in an effective, and let's say, non-stupid manner. The blog Dear PR Flack is dedicated to stories of bad pitches that wasted media's time. It's hilarious and educational (lesson learned: don't do what those PR professionals did when you pitch).

So, back to the eternal question. What is it that media wants? And how can you, as a PR professional, deliver it? As the media landscape evolves, press is gathering and distributing information in new ways. On December 10 at 2:00 pm ET Function: is hosting a webinar about the Changing Face of Media. The webinar will help you understand the changes to the media and publishing industry; learn how to reach media through new outlets; discover what stories media will be talking about in the coming year; and most importantly, take a look at what media wants when it comes to how they want to receive news and what news they want to receive.

The webinar is featuring editors from some of the leading publications in the architecture, engineering and construction industry.

And although I work for Function:, I can not wait to hear what these editors have to say. These are people that I reach out to constantly. Knowing how to be more effective when I communicate with them is important. Knowing what the industry is talking about is important. Getting the answer to the eternal question is critical. You too can find enlightenment: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/119660307

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