Gearing up for Greenbuild

This is the week we have all been waiting for- heading out to Phoenix for Greenbuild. For me- Greenbuild gives me a good pulse on what to expect for 2010. I always look for trends in messaging, technology and just the overall mindset of the attendees and exhibitors. Although I have screamed about having to wait in long lines at previous Greenbuilds I always meet great people. One year when the lines seemed to last for hours- I took a poll of all the architects around me about BIM and we had a lively discussion on likes and dislikes.

There is usually never a wasted moment. Everyone at Greenbuild seems to share the same goal of trying to do what is right for our environment. This usually makes for great conversations and idea sharing. The expo is always a great place to see thought in action- new technologies unfolding as well as great innovative new products that meet a sustainable need.... And Phoenix is not such a bad place to have to go this time of year!

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