Function: (Through Eight-Week-Old Eyes)

Today begins my eighth week at Function:. Eight weeks have flown by. But I think it's safe to say that after two months at a company you’ve formed some legitimate opinions that go beyond first impressions.

So I'm taking this opportunity, in my first-ever Function: blog post, to show you Function: through my eight-week-old eyes.

First of all, before I say anything else, I have to say that as a “people-focused” PR professional, my work environment really matters to me. It’s a big deal. So of course when I found out that Function: does Yoga on Thursdays, brings their dogs to work on Fridays and is located in an old renovated candle factory, my interest was piqued. As Dana Castle, principal + director of strategy and Function: co-founder, said to me in an email before I started working here: “Sometimes it’s the little things….” So true, Dana, so true!

When you walk into Function:, you enter a world of exposed brick walls, unique light fixtures, design projects displayed along the walls, funky chairs and modern art (stay tuned for some pictures of our space in future blog posts). As you walk down cement floors and peek into the meeting rooms with long, rough wood tables and rolls of drawing paper, you can't help but remember that you're in a the facility of a company who reaches out to the architecture and design community. Clean, structured and fascinatingly detailed, this space is fantastic. You really should stop by for a visit.

And the people – they’re great too. While lined up on our Yoga mats doing “downward dog” and “sun salutations,” flipping upside down into headstands, and attempting to put our feet behind our heads, through our elbows and under our backs (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little), I have discovered that I am undisputedly, and by far, the most awkward, uncoordinated Yoga member. But I’ve also discovered that that doesn’t matter and that encouragement (and laughter!) is plentiful during Function: Yoga sessions. I’m new here – at work and at Yoga – but I’ve come to see the Yoga-environment as an indicator of the kind-hearted, fun-loving and delightfully unique individuals that make up the Function: team.

On a more serious and “professional” note, I’ve found this place to be unbelievably focused and driven when it comes to work. Creative conversations. Purposeful discussions. Staying on top of the trends. Communicating what we know. Reaching our audience. Cultivating Relationships. Learning. Doing. Sharing. BIM. Energy Efficiency. Building Envelopes. Air Infiltration. USGBC. LEED. EnergyStar. Bricks, Building Envelopes, Roof Systems, Wall Panels. The list goes on. I have found Function: to be a team of knowledgeable and passionate experts – a team that I’m excited to be a part of.

So, if you can’t tell, after eight weeks I have found Function: to be the perfect mix of work and play. I’ve learned more here in the first eight weeks than I ever would have imagined and I’ve found a team of willing teachers with ready ideas and open minds.

Oh, and on a slightly different note, I’ve also found that our candy bowl is eternally overflowing. That “perk,” I must say, has become the bane of my existence…I have the kind of sweet tooth that craves candy for breakfast.

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