E is for Energy

As the mother of a six-month-old I spend a lot of time reading books that are designed to help my son learn the alphabet, numbers and colors. So there is a great deal of "A is for Apple" and "E is for Elephant" going on in my home.

However, as the director of public relations for a company that works with building product manufacturers, my "alphabet" means something different. "A" is for "Architects" and "E" is for "Energy".

Energy is top of mind for all of our clients. Research shows that "the built environment has a profound impact on our natural environment, economy, health and productivity."

According to the USGBC , in the United States alone, buildings account for:
• 72% of electricity consumption,
• 39% of energy use,
• 38% of all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions,
• 40% of raw materials use,
• 30% of waste output (136 million tons annually), and
• 14% of potable water consumption.

With this in mind, sustainable building and design is a key priority and energy efficiency is a significant player in accomplishing those goals. Our clients' audiences - architects, builders, contractors, facility managers and others in the industry - are looking for products that will help make buildings more energy efficient and, together with our clients, it is my job to create news that will educate their audience on energy efficient building products and strategies. This involves taking a close look at how buildings lose energy, how they can best conserve it, and ultimately how our clients' products can contribute to this conservation - all while helping create a beautiful, functional building.

In addition to needing to understand energy efficient building strategies so that I can help clients talk about it, I also need to help them identify the best outlets for their news and articles. How can they effectively reach their audiences? Is it through print media? Blogs? Facebook or Twitter?

And while "E" is for "Energy", "E" is also for "Education". At Function: we work to not only help our clients educate their audiences on topics of interest and importance, but we work to educate our clients on their audiences and how to reach them, as well as industry trends that we understand to be emerging or growing.

So, at home, I am Joslyn the Mom. Expert of the Alphabet Song and patty-cake. At work, I strive to be Joslyn the PR Professional. Expert for clients on energy, education and emerging trends. Now that you know what letters of the alphabet are important to me, let me know what letters and topics are important to you.

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